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Bush: Convicted Border Patrol Agents Could Be Pardoned (012207 KFOXTV.com)

Bush: Convicted Border Agents Could Be Pardoned

Posted: January 22nd, 2007 10:18 AM PDT

Story by kfoxtv.com

President Bush on Thursday indicated that a presidential pardon for two Texas Border Patrol Agents remains a possibility.

Bush, speaking this morning with KFOX-TV, discussed the case of Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos.

Bush said, "There's a process for pardons. It's got to work its way through a system here in the government. I just want people to take a sober look at the case."

Bush said a White House review will take place. "People need to take a tough look at the facts, the evidence a jury looked at, as well as (the) judge. And I will do the same thing," Bush said.

Compean and Ramos were both convicted last year of shooting a Mexican drug smuggler and trying to cover it up. Both men started serving their federal prison sentences yesterday. Compean was ordered to serve 12 years behind bars. Ramos was ordered to serve 11 years.

Supporters of the two border agents, including several Republican members of Congress, requested the President pardon both men. California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said Thursday the two men were "heroes" who were "putting their lives on the line to protect our borders".

Rohrabacher also criticized the federal prosecutor involved in the case for granting immunity to the drug smuggler involved, in order to secure the man's testimony.

Rohrabacher and a handful of other Republican Congressmen have criticized the President for not already issuing the pardon.

"I don't think the American people have seen this element of the President. It will do him no good to let them know he's willing to be this mean spirited," Rep. Rohrabacher said.

Bush said the cases of Compean and Ramos have "got a lot of emotions".

"Border Patrol and law enforcement have no stronger supporter than me," he said.

-Alison Burns, Catherine Reynolds and Scott MacFarlane, KFOX-TV

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BS Ranch Perspective:

I just don't get what the whole hold up is? I have read the Reports that were submitted via the Internet, and they are supposed to be the right reports un-doctored by anyone! However, the President allows the Border Patrol of the U.S. to do their job Second Guessing themselves because they will not pardon the two that have done their jobs correctly and they both have sentences that are both over 10 years, this whole thing makes me sick thinking about it.

It is almost like the President, along with the City and State Governments all are saying to the public that they want the Drugs to be Freely smuggled across the U.S. Mexico Border anytime and anywhere that the Smuggler wants to get the drugs across!

They are placing the Border Patrol Agents in Prison that are doing their jobs, Defending the people of these here United States of America, and yet the President, and the Governor of the State in which this happened are both just sitting on their hands. While the person that was shot in the rear end or Butt, by the two Border Patrol Agents which whom are in prison now, for the offense of arresting this smuggler.

The same smuggler was caught by another Partnered set of Border Patrol Agents for Smuggling Drugs again, and this time he might as well had been set free, since that is what will more then likely happen to him anyway! Or he will be dropped in the city of his choosing in Mexico, and he will be setting up his business all over again however this time he will fix up his car better to  be able to handle air conditioning and forced air conditioning. Especially in the summer.

But still we will wait for the Border Patrol Agents to be Acquitted of their crimes, and allow them to get back to their families so that they can try to explain to their children how they were doing their job, and they were not stood beside, by their administration and the next time that this might happen they will lie on their reports, and will it will be an Iron Clad Case" All because of the Huge Fish story that will be in or on the report that they will turn in, because of the report savvy that they have been taught by their superior today, by sitting in Jail all this time.

Now it would not be that bad, but when you are supposed to be in Protective Custody, and then suddenly they remove you from Protective custody for some unknown reason,  and sent into General Population in a Prison that has been known to Kill the Police Officer, when they are in Jail, this jail houses mostly all Undocumented Individuals that are placed in the Jail to await their transport back to Mexico, where they will turn and try to come back to the United States all over again.

George W. Bush Needs to Release these Border Patrol Agents and Relieve them of all their wrong doing and allow them to come back to work, if they trust the system that much to do so even after the system as failed them now!!

Please Pardon the Two Border Patrol Agents Please G.W. Bush, They didn't mean harm by their Arrest and shooting Skills, however they did have one lucky shot. right in the guys, Ass!! LOL..

BS Ranch!!

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BSRanch said...

It has been over a month and STILL NO PARDON!! If there was anyone in the system that needed a pardon it was these men sitting in Solitary Confinment, becuase they cannot, for the sake of their life, go into general Population to get any recreational excersize or anything of that nature. IF they went into General Population (a population that is approx. almost 90% Illegal Immigrants They would be killed) Becuase they are Border Patrol!

So, for a minor infraction of a rule that states that they were supposed to fill out a form that indicated that they discharged their weapon should have been handled by their supervisor, and their Union, to what my agency used to call "Days on the Beach", because you are relived of duty with no pay, for a number of days as punishment, not 15 years in Jail.

What is going on here is sending a message to the rest fo the Border patrol Agents, that says, Drug Smuggling will be overlooked as legal, and the war on drugs is over!! let them cross!!